Latin America

I have been working on the 'left turn' in Latin America and its aftermath, especially in relation to natural resources and the environment. While most of my empirical research has focused on the Ecuadorian Amazon, I have also been working in Peru, Bolivia, and, as of 2018, Brazil. 


Much of this work has been articulated and executed in close collaboration with local and national indigenous communities and environmental organizations. Through such partnerships, our aim has been to help strengthen local communities' ability to monitor their territories and to defend them against the destructive aspects of extractive processes. For instance, my colleagues at the ISS and I are part of the 'All eyes on the Amazon' project that uses advanced but frugal technologies - e.g. drones - to help stop deforestation in the Amazon basin. 


Recent publication:

Arsel, M., B. Hogenboom and L. Pellegrini (2016) “The extractive imperative in Latin America.” The Extractive Industries and Society 3(4): 880-887.